Systemize your business in a convenient timeline

Keep your investors updated in one click and make a perfect web pitch of your startup

  • Register and startSign up and make a perfect web pitch of your startup
  • Invite people Make sure your investors and partners are aware of what is happening in your startup
  • Watch the project Set goals and tell what resources you need to acheive them

For startups

For the development of your startup


Tell investors more about your startup. Leave your Elevator Pitch, the description of your startup, and the contact info you want to share.

Google Analytics

Hippflow visualizes your Google Analytics data and shares it privately with your investors, mentors, and teammates.


Hippflow is more fun to use when there is someone following you. Invite teammates, investors, and mentors to keep them updated on your progress.


Share your achievements and plans with your followers and tell what resources you need in a handy timeline fashion.


Choose which posts you want to share privatly.

For users

For you and members of your startup


Hippflow community wants to know more about you. Tell more about yourself and your ventures.


Track startups you have invested in and follow the ones that are of your interest.

Tags in timeline

Hippflow is targeting to replace boring emails and give a better communication tool between startups and their investors and mentors. Easily identify the type and navigate within posts of startups you track.


Visualize how your changes affect positions. Hover over data points to see the history of keyword changes, user comments, and other important changes.

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